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Nippon Foundation-GEBCO
Seabed 2030 Project

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Get involved in the Seabed 2030 project

Contribute data

Contribute data Link to information on how Industry can contribute to Seabed 2030

The Nippon Foundation-GEBCO Seabed 2030 Project will co-operate and collaborate with international organizations, ongoing mapping initiatives, the scientific community, universities, non-Governmental organizations (NGOs), maritime industries, youth organizations, explorers and citizens to:

  • bring together pre-existing data
  • provide data that are currently not in the public domain
  • plan cruises to previously unmapped regions
  • help us get the message out for building a stronger global movement

We are also exploring the viability of acquiring or crowdsourcing data from hundreds of thousands of fishing boats, thousands of cargo, passenger and cruise ships, private yachts and surveying industry ships - effectively creating a new fleet of research vessels.

Recognizing contributions to Seabed 2030

Data submissions

Seabed 2030 is grateful for all contributions of bathymetric data – helping us to 'map the gaps'. Data submissions of more than 25,000 square kilometers will be included in a roll of honor, showcasing data contributors' logos on our website.

Leading contributors may be asked to take part in joint press releases, press events and films as appropriate. Seabed 2030 may also recognize the contributors' corporate ocean responsibility by issuing quotes for the company’s annual report or website.

Support for Seabed 2030

Seabed 2030 will recognize efforts to support its mission as follows:

  • Partners - international organizations, academic institutions, governments, NGO and industry groups that are actively participating in program development, policy development, program promotion, etc.

  • Supporters - entities that use their networks to obtain data from other sources

  • Donors - fishing boats, fishing companies, fishing associations, maritime shipping companies, survey companies and other vessel owner/operators who provide crowdsourced data

  • Sponsors - organizations that sponsor a Seabed 2030-related workshop or make financial donations

  • Contributors - those who provide in kind services

  • Promoters - individuals and organizations who help to promote the project by advocating Seabed 2030’s messages through speeches, social media, blogs and media commentaries

  • Patrons - prominent global personalities who lend their name and 'open doors' for Seabed 2030

  • Goodwill Ambassadors - film stars, athletes, explorers and individuals who can mobilize the public to influence policy and generate favorable media attention

  • Citizens Supporting Seabed 2030 - citizens who participate in crowdfunding for Seabed 2030

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